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Retention on the Frontlines

Join us for an upcoming webinar, Retention on the Frontlines, with Frontline Training Solutions, where we will dive into the crucial role frontline leaders play in employee retention. We know intuitively, statistically, and from experience that workers leave companies in large part because of their relationship with their immediate supervisors. Frontline leaders, embodying the company's culture and acting as the main point of contact with the workforce, are central to maintaining a strong, committed team. This webinar will emphasize the need for company executives and C-suite members to acknowledge and strengthen this vital link for workforce retention. A thriving company culture and skilled frontline leaders are essential for encouraging employees to remain and contribute to the organization. They must be adept in navigating the company culture, aligning with the management team, and engaging effectively with the workforce. In this webinar, we will explore the relationships that do exist between the supervisor and the workforce as well as the complexity of the needs of today’s workforce. We’ll work to understand what the incoming workforce wants and how our frontline leaders can fulfill these expectations to enhance job satisfaction and loyalty. We’ll explore practical tools that every frontline leader should have in their toolbox as well as an understanding of how to create better job satisfaction, psychological safety, training possibilities, and other seemingly intangible elements of employee satisfaction. This one hour complimentary virtual webinar will be presented by John Keuning, Director of Manufacturing Training for Frontline Training Solutions.

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