Award Programs

When is the deadline for nominations?

We accept nominations year round for all of our awards programs, since it’s often easiest to submit a nomination at the time you’re thinking about it, rather than waiting and trying remember to do so during a certain time frame. The deadline to submit a nomination for consideration for the current year’s awards program is generally 45 days prior to the issue where the winners are announced.

Women of Influence – Profiled in the May issue, deadline for nominations is in March

Forty Under 40 – Profiled in the July issue, deadline for nominations is in May

15 Under Fifteen – Profiled in the October issue, deadline for nominations is in August

Best Places to Work – Profiled in the March issue, deadline for nominations is in January

How do I know if the person or company I want to nominate has already won?

Choose the name of the awards program from the drop down menu and it will take you to the nomination form that you can complete electronically. There will also be a link to a list of previous winners.

Do multiple nominations help?

While multiple nominations are welcome, we look for quality rather than quantity. Winners are not selected based on the number of nominations received; a single nomination is sufficient if it provides enough detail. For example, rather than saying “Jane Doe is a great person who cares about people,” please tell us how Jane Doe is involved in the community or what organizations she belongs to.

What kind of information should I include in my nomination?

While it doesn’t need to be a novel, please give us enough to go on beyond saying “XYZ Company is a great place to work” or “John Doe is a wonderful person.” Factual information such as a person’s credentials, experience, and memberships is helpful, as is specific examples of your interactions with a particular person or company and how they have had an impact.

Can I nominate myself or my family member?

Anyone can nominate anyone, there are no restrictions.