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Framing Leadership Webinar

It is estimated that the market for Leadership Development is anywhere between $60 billion and $400 billion dollars. For decades, Leadership Development has been an essential element of any solid learning and development strategy. Organizations know they need to focus on Leadership Development and they know leaders sit in a unique position to attract, engage, develop, and retain others. They know they need "it,"... but if asked what "it," is (i.e.,"What does Leadership mean?") many organizations are unable to respond clearly. Join this complimentary webinar that will focus on the importance of answering that question within the specific context of your organization. We will explore the various components of a Leadership Framework from specific definitions of leadership behaviors, and how those behaviors relate to other essential organizational development, Human Resources, and talent initiatives. We will also explore what can be done to ensure leaders take accountability for the organization’s leadership culture. Participants will leave this session with a clearer understanding of the “first step,” toward creating an effective leadership culture as well as a roadmap for bringing these principles into their organization. This webinar will be presented by Nathan Leaman, the managing director for Frontline Training Solutions and will be broadcasted live from the Frontline Training Solutions studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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