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Becoming a Destination Business to Increase Sales & Profits

In this workshop created for Illinois business owners and community leaders, Jon will show how most businesses today can attract more customers, increase sales and profits, and lower their advertising costs when they start marketing as Destination Businesses. Attendees will also learn how any business can apply his Destination strategy to attract more local customers, while at the same time pulling faraway customers from outside the area, sometimes from hundreds of miles away! Attendees of this workshop will also learn: • The simplest, most powerful tool to attract the best, highest-spending customers. • How to get a customer to love your business within seconds of entering your location or just by glancing at your website • How to maintain profit margins and limit price discounting, while keeping happy customers • How to create free publicity that has 12 times the power of traditional advertising. • Specific strategies to use during the 4th Quarter of 2023 that will power you through the first six months of 2024. After the workshop, Jon will conduct for all attendees a marketing roundtable where he applies his Destination principles to audience members’ business challenges.

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