Arena Food Service acquires GÜ

Arena Food Service has acquired GÜ, but not much has changed, other than the company’s plans for growth.

In 2018, David Radwine, who had previously worked as executive chef at the Sangamo Club, and Dennis Bringuet, owner of Ace Sign Company, teamed up to launch a new company that would provide healthier options for workplace lunches. Jesse Brock was hired as director of sales and market development. All three men had corrected various health issues in their own lives through an improved diet focused on fresh, minimally processed foods.

The meals provided by GÜ are specifically designed to promote healthy intestines, which in turn, help prevent various diseases and medical maladies. These include stews and salads made with fresh ingredients, as well as different kinds of fruits and desserts.

According to Brock, the company had already been working with Arena, so the acquisition was a natural fit. “When David stepped away from the business, we moved to Arena to buy the food product and plate our meals,” he said. “They already knew our business model and had all the recipes.”

During the pandemic, GÜ began offering home delivery since many employees were working remotely, but the business continued to grow. “A lot of the people shifted delivery to their home, but they stayed with us,” said Brock. “Take out and delivery is still one of the fastest-growing sectors.”

While Brock now has a full-time job at Bank of Springfield, he said the fact that GÜ only delivers on Sundays and Mondays has allowed him to continue in his role with that company, and he is planning for future expansion.

“Springfield was always the test market to prove the model here. Now we’re excited to expand into other markets,” Brock said.

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