Tacology 101 closes Munchies to focus on main restaurant

Tacology 101 is going back to its roots. After two attempts to expand into bar food, first at Buzz Bomb Brewing and more recently next to Floyd’s Thirst Parlor, owner James Hamilton says that Munchies by Tacology 101 is closing permanently so that he can focus on the main restaurant, located at 219 S. Fifth St. in downtown Springfield.

“When we opened Munchies, we weren’t thinking about another restaurant. We were approached by Buzz Bomb,” Hamilton explained. “My wife and I put our heads together and came up with another kind of cuisine; we thought we’d try something different.”

The second location, known as Munchies by Tacology 101, opened in the nearby Buzz Bomb Brewing in August 2018. However, Hamilton said that after less than two months, “We realized that it really wasn’t the best place for us.”

Munchies then relocated to the space next to Floyd’s Thirst Parlor which had recently been vacated by the sushi restaurant Stop and Roll. On April 2, Hamilton announced that Munchies would permanently close, and he says the endeavor has been a learning experience.

“When people are out to drink, they’re out to drink. They’re already done with dinner and don’t necessary think about eating when they’re out at a bar. We didn’t really understand that until we got into it,” Hamilton said. He noted that while both Buzz Bomb and Floyds do a good business, it didn’t translate into customers for Munchies. “We never got busy enough to sustain the business.”

Instead, Hamilton plans to focus on his core businesses at Tacology 101. He said he is adding additional seating, both inside and out, along with USB charging stations and outdoor speakers for those who want to dine outdoors in the summer.

Hamilton says he feels confident about the demographic that patronizes the restaurant. “I have a background in Mexican cuisine and these recipes,” he said. “The reason Tacology works is because there are a lot of taco places, but nothing like this.”

“We’re going to go back to exactly what we had been doing.”