The Real Estate Firm to close following death of Dennis Polk

Complications in the wake of the death of Dennis Polk in May will result in the closing of his company, The Real Estate Firm, effective August 19. “The information we’ve had to work with has changed on numerous occasions,” said Linda Maier, who took over as the firm’s managing broker after Polk’s death. “The bottom line is that Monique, Denny’s wife, got an attorney to handle the estate, and the attorney advised to either sell it or close it.” Time constraints prevented a purchase proposal from being prepared and both the simplest and most financially expedient plan became to simply close up shop, Maier said, mentioning also that there were legal issues with keeping the business name and practical issues with keeping the space at 1340 S. State St. The displaced brokers will all be joining other firms. “We had kind of hoped to stay open, but this turned out to be the path of least resistance,” she said.