The Better World Store Launches Online in Springfield, IL

On May 28th, 2014, The Better World Store went live at

While the demand for non-GMO & organic foods has been growing at an exponential rate in recent years, the realization that a plethora of toxic chemicals that permeates throughout the commercial apparel industry is just beginning to become known. One fact that most are still not aware of, is that approximately 25% of the insecticides used throughout the world are sprayed on commercial cotton. Couple that with the huge variety of other toxic chemicals used to dye our clothing, prevent wrinkling, and applied in numerous other manufacturing procedures throughout the apparel industry, one might want to become aware of how we are all being exposed to many more chemicals that are known or at the very least suspected of being carcinogenic. The question comes to mind: Could I be inviting cancer into my life by purchasing & wearing commercial apparel?

The Better World Store, created by Phil Steinberg a Springfield resident, offers a diverse mix of fine & casual apparel that is manufactured from organically grown cotton, bamboo, hemp, recycled plastic bottles, recycled cotton and other sustainable green fabrics, from Fair Trade and Fair Labor sources, without the use of toxic chemical treatments typically used in the commercial clothing industry.

In addition to offering healthier alternative apparel choices, The Better World Store plans to donate 20% of its profits to 8 non profit organizations whose purpose is to promote human & animal welfare and the cleaning up of our world’s environment as listed on their site.

Consumers can learn more by going to where they can read several very informative 3rd party articles posted by Mr. Steinberg, as well as additional information he has personally written, and also take advantage of the “Summer Sales Event” that is going on right now.

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