Playpen Sports expanding to Springfield

Playpen Sports launched in Springfield on March 7. The company, which offers a variety of sports classes for children ages 2-5, has grown rapidly since its inception less than five years ago.

“These kids have spent most of their lives in isolation due to the pandemic,” said Meg Brewer, marketing manager for Playpen Sports. “We provide kids with structure and routine, and it’s pretty affordable on purpose.”

The company has headquarters in both Chicago and Appleton, Wisconsin, with a dozen locations in Wisconsin and another 15 in Illinois, including Bloomington and Peoria. However, Brewer said, “Most of our locations we’re expanding to this summer are in Indiana,” with Springfield the only addition in Illinois.

Locally, Playpen Sports plans to offer soccer classes for children 2-5 years old and baseball for ages 3-5. The season will run May 7 though June 24.

“We have an occupational therapist on our team who helps create our curriculum,” said Brewer, noting that the company focuses on social and emotional learning in addition to physical skills. “We’re really a childhood development program.”

Brewer said Playpen Sports is still hiring coaches for Springfield, in addition to a site coordinator.