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  • Tue., May 28, 12 p.m.


    3330 Ginger Creek Dr., Suite B, Springfield Springfield


    Every business needs a plan, a roadmap to success. And the best plans are simple, clear and concise. Join us to learn how to create a one-page business plan that will help you plan the launch of your new business, or guide your existing business to the next level. 217-433-0961
  • Wed., June 5, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

    INB Conference Center

    431 S. Fourth St., Springfield Springfield


    Purpose of the Training: This comprehensive Conflict Management Training is meticulously designed to empower individuals across all levels of business—owners, leaders, colleagues, and partners—with the essential skills and knowledge to effectively manage, resolve, and prevent conflicts within the workplace. The core aim is to transform how conflicts are perceived and handled, shifting from viewing them as obstacles to recognizing them as opportunities for growth, enhanced performance, and collaboration. Chamber members are $49 per person on or before May 22 and $65 per person after May 22 or $85 per person for non-members.